Hike More - Worry Less

Why not increase your time spent in the great outdoors this fall? Let nature sink in and wipe away your worries! Participate in our three guided hikes, and earn a well-deserved badge with the expression "Hike More Worry Less". See our schedule below:


Hike at Ivers Preserve - Sunday, September 20th at 2 PM 

(part of Open House at Ludorf Barn) 

Distance will be just over 1 mile or participants can opt to hike into the Bassett Preserve for a longer hike.  All wooded with some steep slopes.

This 67 acre parcel of land is located on West Purchase Road. It is named for naturalist and trailblazer Gerald Ivers, a longtime member of the Board of Trustees.  


New 5K Course at Phillips/Lovdal - Saturday, Oct. 10th at 9:30 AM

Distance is 3.1 miles with some challenging inclines through field and forest. 

This preserve provides 155 acres of open space for passive recreation, agriculture, and habitat to numerous species of native plants, birds, mammals and amphibians.  A trail system leads visitors through forests and fields and along streams and stone walls.  Approximately 42 acres of the preserve are actively farmed.  About 96 acres are in varying ages of forest, including centenarian hickory, maple and oak, and early succession native red maple stands. 


Hike at Koons Preserve- Saturday, November 7th at 1:30 PM

Distance is approximately 1.5 miles.  All wooded trails with some steep hills.  

The Koons Preserve is a 40-acre parcel named in honor of Walter and Harriet Koons, who had long admired the property and assisted in its acquisition.  The primary scenic feature is the rocky ravine and the numerous waterfalls that are formed when Spruce Brook drops 170 feet as it flows through the property.


If you would like to complete the hiking challenge independently, hike at least once per month (September, October, November) at three SLT Preserves of your choice.  Once your hikes are complete, send a note (and photo) to: jstuart@southburylandtrust.org. Badges will be sent via mail.  

Phillips Farm 5K Course
Virtual Opening - early October
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