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Welcome to the Southbury Land Trust, a private nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of farmland, open spaces and other natural resources for the benefit of present and future residents of Southbury

Founded in 1978, the Trust is supported by memberships and donations and provides an effective means to save land in its natural state in perpetuity.  The ridges, wooded hillsides, meadows, wetlands and waterways within the lands that are protected by the Trust not only give Southbury its unique aesthetic character, but also contribute significantly to the diversity of plant and wildlife species found throughout the region.


Saving land preserves natural beauty and provides a necessary buffer between areas that have been used for housing, stores, offices and other development.  Open space not only adds value and civility to our lives, it increases the value of nearby properties and is a measure of our foresight and concern for the world we live in.


Our protected spaces are exceptional and many of our preserves are open to the public for their enjoyment.  We hope you will find the Southbury Land Trust's properties as special as we do.

Click the video links below to see and learn about our land and what we do

On a hike with the Southbury Land Trust



With its over 2,000 preserved acres, the SLT is a leader in the community in protecting ecologically important lands for nature and people.  The Trust works closely with the Town of Southbury to preserve properties that reflect the Town’s rural and country background.  In addition to money donated directly to the Trust and provided by the Town’s Open Space Fund, we also have received grants from both the state and federal governments.  All of these funding sources pooled together have allowed us to preserve key farmlands, woodlands and other open spaces in our town.


You can support the Southbury Land Trust by becoming a member.  Membership dues and donations are tax-deductible.  Bequests and memorial gifts are also gratefully accepted.  You can donate through our website or directly by sending a check to the Southbury Land Trust at P.O. Box 600 Southbury, CT 06488.

The Trust also has many volunteer opportunities both in the office and in the field.  Contact us to learn more.

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