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Ivers Preserve

One of the first things you notice when stepping onto the wooded trails of Southbury Land Trust's Ivers Preserve is just how quiet it is. Unlike most hiking areas, human noise is just about imperceptible. It feels like sanctuary. Named for long-serving board member, Gerald (Gerry) Ivers, a naturalist and tireless trailblazer, this 75-acre open space parcel was acquired in 1994. 

If you pay attention, you may also notice the wildlife. They will know you are there. You might spy owls, deer, fox or turkey while traversing the well-trodden, white-blazed, Ivers Loop path. It is a little more than a mile in length. Hardwood trees, some very large specimens, are surrounded by lush swaths of woodland ferns, wintergreen, grasses and sedges.

Located on West Purchase Road, the trail network connects with Bassett Preserve for a longer hike.



We have the best volunteers! Whatever your superpower-trail maintenance, educational outreach, archivist and office help-you are welcome here.  


Members are at the very core of our success in preserving more than 2,000 acres of open space to date. Your membership allows us to maintain properties, keep trails open to the public, offer educational programming, and keep the lights on in the office. 

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches and legacy gifts are a fitting tribute to a loved one's memory; or to celebrate an outstanding community or family member with a passion for the environment and wildlife. 
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