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Stewardship Volunteers 

Trail Stewards | Property Monitors

Southbury Land Trust has stewardship opportunities for all skills.

Families are welcome to help with our most popular areas. You can pick up any litter you find; note if trail edges need a haircut, or if trees need removal, etc. If you see wildlife (birds, turtles, turkeys, etc.), let us know. You can do this all while hiking the property with your family. It's a great way for everyone to get exercise, fresh air, and give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Property Monitors

Southbury Land Trust is required to routinely check for instances of illegal activity such as access created through unofficial entrance, fires, dumping, etc. We are also required to check our property lines annually.  

All Hands Invasives Work Parties.

Bittersweet, Autumn Olive, Mugwort, Porcelain Berry, Privet, Mile-a-Minute, Tree-of-Heaven, and Garlic Mustard.

There is no end the list of invasive plants.

To keep SLT trails safe and open to the public, as well as to make sure native plants are not overrun and habitat for native wildlife is ruined, SLT holds regular invasive removal work parties. Join us if you can help in this area. Tools are generally loppers and hand snips. More experienced volunteers and stewards use trimmers, brush hogs, etc.

Stewards are also needed for heavy-duty maintenance. What are your skills? We need stewards who are highly skilled chainsaw operators; skilled trail construction volunteers; and those who can fix fences /or mow using a tractor or brush hog (or are willing to learn). 

Whatever your skill, if you are interested in stewardship at any level, please contact Stewardship Director Regina Badura. 

Recent Stewardship Activities

Koons Preserve management

Property & Forest Management 

Southbury Land Trust has a management plan in place for each of our properties. Management of invasives species is a priority. Current techniques are used to minimize chemical use. This includes repeated cutting and mowing. Installing dense plantings of native species (shrubs, trees, forbs and grasses) is another technique used to help deter the spread of invasive plants. For more information on the subject, go to UCONN's CT Invasive Working Group website.

Eagle Scout Projects

Bassett Preserve

2002    Brian Finucane, Troop 1607

2004    Connor Fitzpatrick, Troop 60

2015    Nathan Lowry, Troop 1607

2021    Eric Holtz, Troop 1607

Fox Hill | Grayarlin 

2021    James Dickson, Troop 162 


Fox Hollow

2007    Kevin Kauffman, Troop 60

2010    Christopher Radlicz, Troop 60 


High Ridge Estates | Georges Hill Estates

2017    Tyler Conroy, Troop 1607 


Ivers Preserve

2002    Brian Finucane, Troop 1607

2010    Billy Galante, Troop 60 

2015    Nathan Lowry, Troop 1607


Koons Preserve

2005    Paul Madenjian, Troop 60 

2015    Nathan Lowry, Troop 1607

2020    Kieran Garrity, Troop 162

2021    Jackson Papaioannou, Troop 162


Lovdal Farm

2007    Christopher Wood, Troop 60  

2008    Ian Schofield, Troop1607

            Mason Behuniak, Troop 60

2010    Zachary South, Troop 60

            Matthew Hannigan, Troop 162

2021    Liam King, Troop 60

2022    Jaiden Carter, Troop 52       


Phillips Farm

2003    William Kopcha, Troop 60 

2004    Chris Brenn, Troop 162 

2005    Jared Radar, Troop 60

2006    Evan Desorvo, Troop 60 

            Eric Brenn, Troop 162

2007    Kyle English, Troop 60 –

            Brendan O’Lena, Troop 60

2009    Andrew Radlicz, Troop 60

2010    Brendan Riel, Troop 60 

            Brian Corbett, Troop 60

2011    David Ahlberg, Troop 60   

            Matthew Bannon, Troop 5

2012    Glen Mackbach, Troop 60 

2013    Stephen Pendergast, Troop 60

2014    Matthew Szczygiel, Troop 60 

2015    Nathan Lowry, Troop 1607

2017    Peter Dzubay, Troop 60 

            Michael Falsetta, Troop 1607 

2018    Sean Lynch, Troop 5 

2020    Kevin Nobrega, Troop 1607


Platt Farm

2005    Christopher Monroe, Troop 60 

2007    Christopher Mattera, Troop 162

2008    Matthew Karkut, Troop 162

            Edward Wlodarczyk, Troop 162

2013    Stephen Cangelosi, Troop 60

2015    Nathan Lowry, Troop 1607

2019    Andrew Vela, Troop 162 


Reservoir Woods | Country Meadows

2007    Mark Corbett, Troop 60     


Steinberg/Owl Swamp | Sterling Woods

2018    Aidan Markward, Troop 162         




We have the best volunteers! Whatever your superpower-trail maintenance, educational outreach, archivist and office help-you are welcome here.  


Members are at the very core of our success in preserving more than 2,000 acres of open space to date. Your membership allows us to maintain properties, keep trails open to the public, offer educational programming, and keep the lights on in the office. 

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches and legacy gifts are a fitting tribute to a loved one's memory; or to celebrate an outstanding community or family member with a passion for the environment and wildlife. 
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