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Memorial Benches

The Benefactor Bench level of membership is a fitting tribute of remembrance to a loved ones' memory; to celebrate a milestone anniversary, or to honor a friend, family member or community leader who has a passion for the environment.

The Benefactor Level is $2500. This attractive bench is made to last. Donors may create wording meaningful to them for a dedication plaque that will be affixed to the bench.

Donors may suggest locations for the bench placement. All effort will be made to locate the bench in a suitable area.

memorial benches
spent with your loved ones at a special SLT property you love.

Current Benches and Preserve Locations

Date   In Honor or Memory of, Location

2002    Gladys Taber, Phillips Farm

2007    John’s Dad’s Bench, Phillips Farm

2007    Carolyn and John Longstreth, Platt Farm

2008    Regina Badura and Egbert Most, Lovdal Farm

2009    Arlene Mitchell, Bassett Preserve

2009    Margaret Carlquist, Country Meadows

2010    Dick Gracy, Platt Farm

2011    Lee Huber, Platt Farm

2011    Mark Manville, Ludorf Farm, Barn Yard

2013    Southbury Lions Club, Lovdal Farm

2013    Nelson and Polly Camp, Phillips Farm

2013    Wesley Rouse and Robert McWilliam, Bent of the River  

2015    Don and Linda Antilla, Phillips Farm

2015    Ed and Neal Brodsky, George Waldo State Park

2016    Roger Verduin, Platt Farm

2016    Anne Melgers, Phillips Farm

2020    Anthony Ferreri, Platt Farm

2023    Julie Stuart, Koons Preserve 



We have the best volunteers! Whatever your superpower-trail maintenance, educational outreach, archivist and office help-you are welcome here.  


Members are at the very core of our success in preserving more than 2,000 acres of open space to date. Your membership allows us to maintain properties, keep trails open to the public, offer educational programming, and keep the lights on in the office. 

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches and legacy gifts are a fitting tribute to a loved one's memory; or to celebrate an outstanding community or family member with a passion for the environment and wildlife. 
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