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Mailing Address:

Southbury Land Trust

P.O. Box 600

Southbury, CT 06488

Office Location:

68 1/2 Bennett Square

Southbury, CT 06488

T: 203-264-4441

E: jstuart@southburylandtrust.org

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Memorial Benches

Current Benches and Preserve Locations

The Benefactor Bench level of membership is a wonderful way to honor a loved one. $2500 accomplishes many things. A sturdy, attractive bench made of a composite of recycled materials and a dedication plaque with the donors’ choice of words situated on a scenic spot where hikers can pause to rest and reflect. 



2002    Gladys Taber                                           Phillips Farm

2007    John’s Dad’s Bench                                 Phillips Farm

2007    Carolyn and John Longstreth                  Platt Farm

2008    Regina Badura and Egbert Most             Lovdal Farm

2009    Arlene Mitchell                                         Henry & Dorothy Bassett Preserve

2009    Margaret Carlquist                                   Country Meadows, Judd Road

2010    Dick Gracy                                               Platt Farm

2011     Lee Huber                                               Platt Farm

2011     Mark Manville                                          Ludorf Farm, Barn Yard

2013     Southbury Lions Club                             Lovdal Farm

2013     Nelson and Polly Camp                          Phillips Farm

2013     Wesley Rouse and Robert McWilliam    Audubon Center Bent of the River               

2015    Don and Linda Antilla                              Phillips Farm

2015    Ed and Neal Brodsky                              George Waldo State Park

2016    Roger Verduin                                         Platt Farm

2016    Anne Melgers                                          Phillips Farm


Don and Linda Antilla with their grandchildren at Phillips Farm