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2022-06-05 SLT CT Trails Day Fox Hollow_2.jpg

Fox Hollow Preserve

Fox Hollow Preserve packs a mighty punch for a small open space. Just 23 wooded acres and a singular trail of a little more than a mile, however, this preserve has plenty to discover.

Situated on a high point in Southbury at the end of Sleepy Hill Road, the hilly terrain makes for a fun jaunt. A few steep leg burners are also thrown into the mix for good measure. Carpets of woodland ferns sweep the approaches to higher ground from spring through fall. Trunks of the yellow birch with its peeling rolls of bark show signs of woodpeckers. On the forest floor, watch for toads near underground seeps at the base of the slopes. The trail also crosses a clear-running babbling brook and visitors will find the trails well-marked overall. Scenic views can be seen, mainly in fall, when the leaves have dropped.

This portion of Southbury's forested lands took the brunt of the tornadoes a few years back (2018). As a result, you still see many fallen trees, away from the main hiking area. The noise from nearby I-84 is more pronounced, unfortunately, without those trees to buffer the noise. 


Fox Hollow is at the end of a quiet neighborhood. Park at the cul-de-sac, and then descend into the property to reach the kiosk at the bottom of the entrance.



We have the best volunteers! Whatever your superpower-trail maintenance, educational outreach, archivist and office help-you are welcome here.  


Members are at the very core of our success in preserving more than 2,000 acres of open space to date. Your membership allows us to maintain properties, keep trails open to the public, offer educational programming, and keep the lights on in the office. 

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches and legacy gifts are a fitting tribute to a loved one's memory; or to celebrate an outstanding community or family member with a passion for the environment and wildlife. 
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