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Scout Eric Holtz and his dad Brian Holtz pictured with their crew on the new boardwalk at the Bassett Preserve.


Scouts and Forest Technicians

Improve The Bassett Preserve

People and birds both benefit

Two recent projects at the Bassett Preserve have been completed, one will benefit hikers the other will enhance bird habitat.


For our hikers, Southbury Scout Eric Holtz from Troop 1607 and his crew, built a boardwalk over a wet, rocky area making the trail safer for hikers. This enhancement to our Preserve was Eric's Eagle Project and the Southbury Land Trust is fortunate to reap the benefits of his hard work.


For our feathered friends, Junior Forest Technicians (JFT) from the Youth Leadership Forestry Program at the Bent of the River Audubon Center, worked with their Program Coordinator Glen Somogie, and Regina Badura, SLT's Director of Stewardship, at a selected site where trees had come down during the 2018 tornado. They planted Highbush blueberry and Spicebushes adding to an abundance of Lowbush blueberry and Huckleberry within a half acre plot. The native plants will improve nesting habitat, shelter and food sources for birds. Many thanks to the JFTs and Glen.

Junior Forest Technicians from the Youth Leadership Forestry Program at the Bent of the River Audubon Center from left: Joe Velky, Danni Syrotiak, Taner Genc, Lily Mills and SLT’s Director of Stewardship Regina Badura 

Herbicides Used At Platt Farm Preserve

Please note that we have decided not to use Roundup® or any chemical product with Glyphosate as its active ingredient this season. Below are the links to the Safety Data Sheets of the herbicides used.

The Preservation of Platt Farm

It's been 20 years!

It has been 20 years since the Southbury Land Trust preserved Platt Farm. This farm was the first to be purchased by the Southbury Land Trust. Through the years, this property has been referred to as the "crown jewel" as it is thought to be the most attractive and valuable piece of open space in Southbury. The story of how this land was preserved has been revealed in a 13 minute documentary video.  You will not want to miss this heart-warming account of how so many people pulled together to save this beautiful place!


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